Hey there, person I am pointing to


(You’ve already seen this on the front page but this is a pic of me “shmoopin around”. Shmoopin? Sh-moopin? Shmoo-pin? I will explain in a few lines.)

But first

Why “All the twiddlers?”

None of your business.

Just kidding. All the twiddlers because I twiddle/ fiddle a lot. You might find me twiddling my hair near my ear- OKAY my side burns- a lot. And if I’m doing it when you’re speaking to me and my head takes on a tilted stance, like the degree of the earth when its rotating the sun, I’m probably not in your thought-sphere. Sorry, its really not that you’re boring, it’s that I have the attention span of a wooden spoon (what Hermione tells Ron in Goblet of Fire), sometimes.

So I’ll be writing about the things I think about when I take on that dazed, head tilted, twiddling look. Hence, “All the twiddlers”.

Satisfied? Okay.

Also, I hate the word “blog”, it sounds too much like/ rhymes with LOG- and logs as we know are dead and boring.

I don’t want this to be dead and boring.

So, I’m gonna call what I am doing on this site “shmooping around” because that is what my thoughts are doing, splattered all over the page. Until, I try and organise them into a blog po- WHOOPS, “shmoop” post.

And as you’ve probably guessed, I do love phonetically pleasing words. They’re so… pleasing, these words that actually make you feel great when you say them. There should be way more of those. WAY MORE. Like in proper existence, in a dictionary or even in urban dictionary, more than the words that I just repeat to myself then snigger.

Endless happiness from just words! It’s the dream and I’m living it.

So yeah. There you go.

To all the shmoop posts.

Nandri. (thanks, in Tamil)